About us

Tuomas Holopainen Online was born on the 5th April 2020. It was an idea we had in mind for a while and we thought that a birthday so close to the birth of Human.:||:Nature. was the perfect choice.

Why this website?

During the years, as fan club admins, we gathered a huge bulk of information, pictures, materials and stuff about Tuomas. We had all this material translated in our native language (which is not English!) so that our fan club members could have a deep knowledge about “Tuomasology“. We increasingly felt the urgency of sharing this interesting information with every Tuomas fans out there, not just with our national Nightwish community. Since there was no longer a site or online sources where fans could get to know better about our favourite composer, we decided to set up this project we had been thinking about for a while.


This is a website dedicated to Tuomas, managed by fans.

The website is not official and we do not have any direct link with Tuomas himself. Our social media outlets are run by us, once again, without any link with Tuomas.
This online resource is a humble tribute to the mastermind behind our favourite band, to show fans and people how great he is.